About Us

estate sale, downsizing, liquidation, antiques, vintage, Columbus Ohio, central OhioRhonda Siebeneck-Heuss is a treasure broker who gives old period pieces a new chance to live in the luxury of her Estate Sale Enthusiast homes.  There was a time when things were uniquely made with love and by hand.  Rhonda’s desire is to unleash those items and to bring them to your fingertips.

Rhonda grew up in North West Ohio and was exposed to many farm auctions and estate sales, which also lead to barn rummaging and treasure picking at a very young age.  Her entrepreneurial, inventive, and re-purposing spirit was a direct gift from her father who is a farmer and is constantly re-purposing and reusing items on his farm.

Rhonda’s artistic and inventive talent drives Rhonda to re-purpose items as a hobby.  Her clients however make their livings by re-purposing and reselling items to other enthusiasts who appreciate the art and quality of antique and handmade pieces.  The demand for these unique relics exists and from that stemmed the opening and operation of ALL OF IT Transitions by Rhonda in 2012.

Her main objective in creating ALL OF IT Transitions was and remains to help the families, executives, and care givers, of estates during such a s stressful time, while recovering the value of the personal property within the home.

“When my mother-in-law at age 93 decided she could no longer comfortably live in her home, there were many decisions her children needed to make,” Rhonda says.  “The most difficult being, how are we going to pay for her new level of care, and what do we do with all of her personal property?  Once it was decided to let an auction house take care of her personal property, the transitions seemed relatively stress free, however the result was not.  We were expecting a check for several thousand dollars to help offset the cost of her health care needs.  When we received a check from the auction house for $574.00 for a full estate, the stress over financials and disappointment in our decision was overbearing.”

Rhonda’s goal is to help families so they do not make the same mistake and suffer the overwhelming stress that transitions often create. “I am able to make my clients three to five time more than action houses because I am doing the sale on site, which avoids all of the upfront, packing, moving, and storage fees which are associated with auction houses” states Rhonda.  “Also I run the sale for multiple days so that the right buyer has time to get to the sale and select their new found treasure.  It is not a general practice of mine to box lot items.  When items are box slotted the value of items are lost.”

Every sale is a new adventure for Rhonda which gives her the opportunity to dust off the years of collected merchandise, and present her new found treasures to her loyal web of pickers, collectors, re-sellers, and re-purposers.  Come one, come all, however come early because ALL OF IT, WILL Transition to a new home.  Contact Rhonda Today at (614) 206-3363.